Ilkley Coronavirus Response Fund

Supporting Ilkley through the pandemic and beyond

What we're here to do


During these very challenging times, it has been brought to our attention, that many residents of Ilkley would like to donate, to help those affected by Coronavirus. 

Since 1949 Ilkley Round Table have openly and transparently raised and donated money to most charities and organisations within the Ilkley & District area. Many in the town will know Ilkley Round Table, who organise The Ilkley Beer Festival, Children in Need Collections & Santa Float and in 2019 organised and ran the inaugural Ilkley Half Marathon. Over £80,000 was raised in 2019 alone by this organisation. Every penny raised by Ilkley Round Table, for over 70 years, has been distributed in a professional and timely manner. The organisation is a registered charity with internal audits, trustees and audited accounts. Regular updates of totals collected/ donated will be posted on this website.

We appreciate there are short, medium & long term requirements that will need to be met by this fund. Initially, priorities such as ensuring our ageing town population have adequate food, medication & support then moving on to support the mental health impact on all residents, loss of income and poverty, domestic violence etc. will be an online reference, to the residents of Ilkley constantly providing updates on:

1) Up to date official government information & guidance

2) Directory of local & national support groups

3) Directory of local companies/organisations offering support, guidance & activities through the period of "Lock-down" & beyond

4) A "Good News" page sharing all the positive stories 

5) Update of funds collected

With all funding requests, we appreciate there may be a surplus when this national emergency has passed. Ilkley Coronavirus Group has identified several Ilkley charities & organisations that will benefit from any surplus monies including; Ilkley Good Neighbours, Ilkley Food Bank, Clarke Foley, CABAD to name but a few. 

To reiterate what was said above - Money raised in Ilkley will be given back to those in need within Ilkley.

Thank you for your generous support.

This website and the Ilkley Coronavirus Response Fund are managed and administered by Ilkley and District Round Table, Registered charity number 1060429.